CREO Automation & Customization with Creo Parametric Toolkit

Training & Tech.Support for High Salary Jobs & Excellent Career Growth in CAD + IT Industry.


Get step by step interactive online training for Creo Toolkit with project support and 100% job assistance.

We provide training from basic programming to professional Add-in, Plug-in and custom application development for CREO.

Why Learn Creo Automation & Customization with TOOLKIT?


Compared to CAD 3D Design or Modeling Get much more salary in CAD Automation or Custmization using CAD API & Computer Programming.

There are plenty of competition for CAD Design jobs but very less competition for CAD Customization & Automation developers.

We are experts in teaching CAD Automation & Customization using C, C++ or .NET. With our experience we can help you learn easily.

Course Structure

1st Month Training

C, C++ Programming Language

  • Basic Programming Concepts.
  • Object Oriented Programming Concepts.
  • Console Application Development.
  • Windows Form application Development.
  • DLL / Class Library Development.
  • Developing & Debugging Programs in Visual Studio.
  • Integration with CAD API
2nd Month Training


  • CAD Files & Application Handling
  • Part Modeling Customization
  • Assembly Modeling Customization
  • Drawing sheets & Views Customization
  • Excel or Database Integration
  • Batch Processing
  • Project works


  • Introduction to Creo customization
  • How Creo links with the Auxiliary application?
  • Structure and usage of protk.dat file
  • Configuring in Visual Studio & linking with Creo libraries
  • Debugging Creo applications in visual studio
  • Adding Menu & Menu Buttons
  • Create, open & save creo files through program
  • Displaying Messages
  • Visiting components
  • Visiting Features
  • Visiting Geometry
  • Evaluating Geometry
  • Creating/Editing/Deleting model parameters
  • Units & unit conversion
  • Working on mass properties
  • Assigning materials to parts
  • Coordinate Transformations
  • Assembling components with assembly constraints
  • Assembly Component paths
  • Suppressing components
  • Show/Hide Components
  • Import, Export Geometries (IGES, STEP etc.,)
  • Setting the views
  • Read, write data to and from Excel/XML/Notepad
  • Creating/Editing/Deleting views
  • Creating/Editing/Deleting dimensions
  • Creating/Editing/Deleting notes
  • Adding/removing Sheets
  • Working with Tables
  • Title block & Attributes
  • Drawing parameters
  • BOM
  • User interface dialogs
  • Interface and Notifications
  • Feature Creation Overview
  • Feature Creation Standard Features

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